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Opportunity to participate in a study related to paediatrics

Posted: 06.03.2019

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National and international literature suggests that paediatric pain in the pre-hospital environment is under treated.

Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore paramedic experiences and perceptions of treating paediatric patients for pain in the prehospital environment.

Why you?

As registered paramedics working in the prehospital environment, you are ideally placed to explore your experiences.

What is Involved

A semi-structured interview based around your knowledge, personal experiences and feelings on administering pain relief to children in the prehospital environment.

Interviews will last between 30-45 minutes, between, the 1st March and 30th April.

No personal details will be included, with all information anonymised as per University of Plymouth Faculty Research Ethics Committee.


All results will be published and used to inform ambulance services of paramedic experiences when dealing with paediatrics in pain.

For more information

For a participant information sheet containing more details please contact:


Extra Information

There is not envisaged to be any risk to yourself.

The study has been approved by University of Plymouth Faculty Research Ethics Committee.

No monies will be paid for taking part, however, a warm beverage and pastry of your choice will be provided.

Time and place will be arranged at a mutually agreeable destination. With the interviewer travelling to your local area. 

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