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Obituary: Declan Heneghan

Posted: 03.12.2018

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The tragic news of Declan’s sudden and utterly unexpected death has come as a terrible shock to all of those in the College of Paramedics who either knew him or were aware of his work and the publication that he initiated and edited; ‘Ambulance Today.’

Declan was a tireless advocate for paramedics and all those who serve the public within both the public and private ambulance sectors.  He was also a very energetic man, brimming with ideas and constantly seeking out opportunities to promote good practice, to report on new ideas, innovations and to generally help communication throughout the ambulance industry.  

The challenges that he set himself involved unstinting commitment, many long hours of work and a huge investment of his time, expertise and personality, coupled with great skill at bringing people together and making things happen.  His approach always reflected his inherent kindness, and his even-handed, positive and incredibly persuasive nature.  He could talk round any individual, no matter how reluctant, into helping his cause of getting positive messages across to his audience.  
He was by nature a man with a generosity of spirit and a desire to both learn everything he could about the ambulance industry and to see it improve. His method was to go out, find and connect individuals in order to produce positive results. As a true internationalist he set out to bring stories of ambulances services in Europe and beyond to his readers, drawing comparisons and helping to readers what lay beyond their own experience.  

In every sense, journalistically, as a friend, leader, supporter and all-round positive influencer, Declan made an important contribution and positive impact on all of those he came in contact with.  His rare talents enriched many peoples lives and he will be very much missed.

Professor Andy Newton; QAM, FCPara, PhD                                   
Immediate Past Chair College of Paramedics

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