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Notice of General Meeting 4th June 2019

Posted: 21.05.2019

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A general meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th June 2019 to consider the College of Paramedics 2018 Annual Report of the Board and the audited accounts. The Report is available on the College website.

The meeting will take place at the College of Paramedics Head Office, The Exchange, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater at 4pm.

If you are able to attend in person please contact Penny Jones to book your place (penny.jones@collegeofparamedics.co.uk or 01278 420014).

IT IS VITAL YOU CAST YOUR VOTE AS WE NEED 100 MEMBERS TO VOTE either in person or by proxy.

If you are unable to attend your vote is still needed. Follow the link on the website and complete the voting form. You can place your vote by appointing someone who is attending as your proxy and submitting a Members Proxy Notice Form (see policy). The Board strongly recommend supporting the motion to approve the accounts.

Gerry Egan, our Chief Executive, will be attending the meeting and, should you wish, may be appointed to vote on your behalf. To use this facility, return the completed voting form either by email to penny.jones@collegeofparamedics.co.uk (preferred) or post to the address above.

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