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Non-medical prescribing conference review

Posted: 28.11.2019

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On Thursday 21st November I represented the College of Paramedics at the non-medical prescribing conference organised by the Association for Prescribers, who represent all non-medical prescribers. 
A big thank-you to Kevin Reid FCPara and Els Freshwater MCPara, who presented on the path to achieve paramedic prescribing and their roles in primary and secondary care. They did a brilliant job of presenting and representing the paramedic profession. I am sure their talk gave everyone in the room a very good application of the wide, diverse, professional and advanced roles both Kevin and Els undertake in their respective fields. 

The event attracted over 80 attendee’s and although there was very few paramedics present (probably about 90% nurses) it was very gratifying to see that almost half the attendees either employed paramedics or worked alongside paramedics. 

Overall the day looked at a wide range of topics from case studies from other professions, regulators including the HCPC and a very moving account of one patient’s experiences of cancer. 
I would like to thank the College for allowing me to attend.

David Rovardi MCPara
Pharmacist Independent Prescriber and Registered Paramedic  
Specialist Medicines Advisor, College of Paramedics

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