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NHS England publishes the Integrated Urgent Care/NHS 111 Career Framework

Posted: 03.11.2017

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The new Integrated Urgent Care / NHS 111 Career Framework and Competency Based Job Descriptions: Skills for Health Levels 2-7 is now published on the NHS England website.
This is part of the Workforce Blueprint specified within the Integrated Urgent Care Service Specification.
The framework offers clearly defined roles, supported by competency-based job descriptions and person specifications for roles at Skills for Health Levels 2 to 7 operating within the Integrated Urgent Care/ NHS 111 call centre service. Roles at Skills for Health Levels 6-9 are currently being tested in the emerging Clinical Assessment Services (CAS).
A new edition of the framework will be released in 2018.
This standardised approach will help Integrated Urgent Care/NHS 111 provider organisations recruit, develop and retain a professional workforce, with the right skills and competencies, to continue to provide the highest levels of patient care and safety. It also provides staff with opportunities for career development and progression. This is achieved through:

  • Ensuring a minimum standard of competence at each level, thereby ensuring consistent quality for patients and callers across England.
  • Supporting provider organisations in improving both internal and external recruitment, by attracting, retaining and motivating the best people.
  • Providing opportunity for career progression and professional mobilisation – creating a pipeline for new nurses, paramedics and other clinical professions through a vocational model.

If you have any queries regarding the Career Framework and Competency Based Job Descriptions: Skills for Health Levels 2-7 please inform us via return email to england.workforcedevelopment111@nhs.net

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