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Posted: 06.07.2010

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Wall to Wall Television ltd. are conducting an experiment to test whether laughter is good for our bodies as well as our minds.


If you need a good laugh and are available on

8 July 2010 from 09.00-15.00

for filming near Waterloo Station,

they would love to hear from you.


Please contact Miriam Jones ASAP for further details

miriam.jones@walltowall.co.uk 020 7241 9254


This will be part of a BBC 1 four part primetime series of hour long programmes called 'Turn Back Time', exploring the science and psychology of ageing and challenging society's attitudes towards older people, to be broadcast in the Autumn. They are looking for volunteers for an experiment which explores the possiblity that laughter can boost the immune system and help fight heart disease. They imagine that as stress does the opposite, the results will be striking if conducted on Paramedics, EMTs and Control Room Staff, who do a challenging and sometimes stressful job.



The Presenter, Michael Moseley, and the Laughter Facilitator will be tested along with the volunteers.  Professor Angela Clow from the University of Westminster will conduct the tests before and after the workshop, including blood pressure and a saliva swab.  The volunteers will be given most of the results immediately but the saliva swabs need to be sent away for analysis so we may need to reconvene the group for an hour to deliver these results on 10 August.  If we get the same results as previous experiments, it’s great to think we can laugh our way to a longer life!

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