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Royal Marines Charity Event

Posted: 14.05.2010

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During 2009 a fundraising event (Commando Cops 12 Mile Speed-March) took place in central London followed by a black tie dinner to raise money for the 60+ now paraplegic Royal Marines who have lost limbs in recent conflicts around the globe. Due to the massive success of this event where in excess of £175k was raised, it has been decided to extend ‘Commando Cops’ to ‘Commando 999’, incorporating former Royal Marines who are now a part of either the Fire Service or the Ambulance Service from anywhere in the UK. Several large fundraising events and dinners are scheduled to take place over the next few years and all money raised will go straight to the Royal Marines Association (Charity No 206003) and then into the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund that looks after the Corps Family from cradle to grave. The current fund is now reduced to £500,000 due to the much higher than average spending in support of the last two operational tours of Afghanistan (Iraq prior to that), with two further operational tours looming now and next year. Our severely injured Royal Marine “oppo’s” need your help, so please contact former Marine and now Met’ Police Chief Inspector Mark Scoular (Commando 999 lead) at mark.scoular@btinternet.com ASAP to register your interest.

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