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Pre Hospital Obstetric Emergencies (POET)

Posted: 13.08.2010

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Pre Hospital Obstetric Emergencies (POET)

30th September 2010 - 1st October 2010
Reduced cost of just £350

Course includes:
  • an introduction to the obstetric patient
  • emergencies in early pregnancy
  • emergencies in late pregnancy and delivery
  • post-delivery emergencies
  • management of non-obstetric emergencies in the pregnant patient

Reduced rate of only £350.00

Payment by instalments of £50 is possible by contacting the ALSG directly.

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CPD appropriate courses like this come across as prohibitively expensive. I bought the book which accompanies this one which is so far very informative. I can’t afford courses like this and I am sure many NHS staff are in the same position.
Paramedics are good at getting to grips with stuff, it’s what suits us to the job. In the field situations need adaptation and interpretation. Unfortunately that is hard to measure and that makes fitting our skills into the fairly rigid academic structures that are being imposed upon us. Yes I agree we have to keep up with latest guidelines and so CPD is essential. But we are of limited financial resources, I want to attend this course but the fee is prohibitive to me, even with my CoP discount. Please can we try to realise that laying out £350 is for those who can afford it only. This will split the profession into those with money get the training and so advance, while those with other financial commitments fall behind.
Fair play please.
The book is however very good. I’m just a little disappointed that I can’t make it to the course.

Added by: Paul Dunbar on: 14.08.2010

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