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New All Party Parliamentary Group on Paramedic Issues

Posted: 21.07.2010

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New All Party Parliamentary Group on Paramedic Issues

The College of Paramedics would like to tell you about an exciting and important development in the history of the College of Paramedics and indeed the Paramedic profession as a whole.  Several members of your Council and Executive attended a function at the Houses of Parliament on the 13th July, the event was the Stroke Association’s Summer Reception. We had a team of Paramedics from South East Coast on hand to take people’s blood pressure as part of the Know Your Blood Pressure campaign. The other reason for our attendance was to launch our proposal for an All Party Parliamentary Group for Emergency Ambulance and Paramedic Services.  The formation of this group has been sponsored by Lord Colwyn CBE.  He is asking members of both Houses to join him to create the group  with the purpose of raising the quality of care, effectiveness and efficiency of the Emergency Ambulance and Paramedic Services for patients.
The group will promote a better understanding of the ambulance and pre-hospital care sector and will highlight particular issues of concern and examples of good practice with government and other policy makers. Thereby helping to support the paramedic profession and others who share the aim of delivering high-quality care that improves the lives and outcomes for patients.
The College of Paramedics will work very closely with the group and will provide it’s secretariat.  I hope that you will agree with me that this is a really exciting development for the College and for our representation of you as a member. We have already had expressions of interest from a number of MP’s and Peers, however we need to get the message to the all of those who might have an interest in this subject.  We will be contacting all MP’s and members of the House of Lords but we would also urge you to contact your local MP and tell them that they can make a real difference by getting involved. Simply encourage them to contact either Lord Colwyn directly or to register their interest in joining the group with us at the College.
We have produced an information leaflet we have produced to explain the purpose of the group, please feel free to request copies pass this to your colleagues, put it up at your station and hand it to any other interested parties including your MP. To see this flyer simply click on the link next to this article
As the group develops and meetings begin we will keep you informed of how things progress. We believe that the group could be very influential in driving forward quality. In particular we will seize this opportunity to represent the views of our members around the time-based targets and the ability to prioritise meaningfully their work.  The College of Paramedics exists to represent the profession, by our involvement in the formation of this group we hope to be in a better position to ensure the voice and the views of the Paramedic are heard.

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