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Independent Prescribing for Advanced Paramedics

Posted: 05.10.2009

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Independent Prescribing for Advanced Paramedics

The Department of Health are preparing for a consultation on the implementation of prescribing for advanced paramedics.
The DH are seeking the support of the College of Paramedics to gather examples of where prescribing would benefit patients in mainly the non life threatening conditions and urgent emergency care groups. Examples can be real time or non real time suggestions. The work will be used to inform the final presentation and the planned consultation. Please follow the link below to get more information from the members only part of the site.

You are strongly encouraged to participate in this important work for the future of patient care and your profession.


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As an ECP with an ambulance service, I attend many “Cat C” calls where I find that the limited range of PGD drugs that we carry do not cover the needs of the patient. At present, if it is deemed to be a ‘primary care’ problem, the GP then has to be contacted for either an appointment for the patient or to arrange a home visit.Sometimes the patient has to go to hospital beacuse there is no other option.  This does not fit the “Right place, right person” ECP concept; it entails further delay for the patient. Being able to prescibe (within the limits of competence) would mean the patient would be dealt with by one health care provider on one visit. Independent Prescribing would also make the Paramedic/ ECP a safer health professional because he/she would have a greater depth of knowledge of medicines and pharmacology.

Added by: Ian Cooper on: 17.02.2010

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