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College of Paramedics / Anglia Ruskin University Panorama ECG survey - Reminder invitation

Posted: 15.04.2010

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You may remember that the College of Paramedics and Anglia Ruskin University recently invited College members to take part in some research on the Panorama ECG monitor. If you have already filled in the survey, then thank you, and sorry to have troubled you again (as your responses are anonymous, we have no way of knowing who has responded and who has not, so we have sent this reminder to all of you).

The College and the University are collaborating to test this new monitor with pre-hospital personnel. This study is not market research, nor is it linked to any commercial organisation. The new monitor can show evolving ischaemia and response to treatment in real time. If the system is shown to improve ease and accuracy of diagnosis of ECG changes, in the future it could be used in ambulances to improve treatment of patients. This study is the first step in seeing whether this may be useful.

The study is all on line and will take only about 10 minutes of your time. It can be accessed from any computer by clicking on the link below (or by cutting and pasting it into the address line of your browser).


The study has been granted full ethical approval, and the ‘Participant Information Sheet’ for the study is again attached to this e-mail. Participation is completely voluntary and all entries are anonymous. You will be asked to confirm your eligibility to enter the study (by entering your e-mail address) but this information will be erased from the data before we look at any results. This research does not ask you to sign a consent form. Instead, by completing the online survey, your consent to take part is implied as you can stop at any time.

If you have any questions or comments about the survey please contact us at PanoramaECG@hotmail.co.uk .

Traditionally, online surveys have a low response rate. We would like our research to be worthwhile and the more people who fill in our survey, the better quality our results will be. This will be good for both the College and our profession – and ultimately may help our patients. We are very grateful for your support, and for your time.

Many thanks,

Professor Malcolm Woollard MPH, MBA, MA(Ed), Dip IMC (RCSEd), PGCE, RN, SRPara, NFESC, FASI, FHEA, FACAP

Doctor Aimen Hassani MB,ChB, FRCA
Consultant Anaesthetist and Project Lead, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Anglia Ruskin University



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