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Carol Furber Award

Posted: 28.04.2010

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Carol Furber Award

Carol Furber tragically died in June 2009 and a collection was made to provide an award in Carol’s memory. Carol was a remarkable lady who gave so much for so many, not least to the ambulance service in her endless support for her husband Roland throughout his long career in the profession.

Carol undertook a major unpaid role in dealing with so many aspects of supporting and promoting the professional body. She was a major advocate for the College through the many hours she would spend talking to people from a wide range of professional levels about the work of the profession and the development of the College.

The prime purpose of the award, through the generous support we have received, is to encourage Paramedic members to make case study presentations, which we hope would improve in standard year on year. The result would be to promote reflective thinking about professional practice, and presenting the results and experience to the wider profession and other health care practitioners. It would be hoped that where appropriate research questions might be asked as a result of the case study submissions.

The winner would be asked to present their work to a conference nominated by the college council and to write up the work for presentation in the Journal of Paramedic Practice and the College website.

The award was supported with a book voucher from the remaining donations to the value of £20.00, and the publishers, Jones & Bartlett have generously offered to match the value of the book voucher taking its value to £40.00. The winner would purchase their book from the range available at Jones & Bartlett. Additionally the Mark Allen group has offered to give one year’s subscription to the 'Journal of Paramedic Practice' to the winner and the two runners up.

This year the award is to be presented at the Annual General Meeting in Bridgwater on the 10th June. In order that the award can be made at this year’s AGM, you are invited to submit presentations for consideration of the award. Your presentation should be written to protect patient confidentiality, using original text with references as appropriate, countersigned by a registered Paramedic supporting you work as a genuine case study.

We would welcome as many individual submissions as we can achieve to honour the energy and passion given by Carol to help us to get the college into the respected position it is in today.


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