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BBC 2 are searching for a Paramedic

Posted: 05.08.2010

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BBC 2 are searching for a Paramedic

This is for a series in which individuals will travel abroad to experience what it’s like to do the job they do here, in some of the most difficult and demanding places to work in the world.  For the full experience, they would also stay with their mentor and their family, to gain a picture of life outside the workplace.

We are looking for applicants who are up for a challenge and aren’t afraid to open their eyes to some very different ways of living and working. 

The location is for this particular programme is still being decided, but to give an idea we are currently looking at taking a British paramedic to a city in either Mexico, Jamaica or Venezuela, where crime rates are high and working conditions demanding.

The person selected would obviously be given full details prior to being asked to commit to the project.  Anyone who would like to apply in principle should get in touch ASAP, either on 0208 0085794 or by emailing: Fiona.Walmsley@bbc.co.uk

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