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AHP Leadership Challenge

Posted: 10.04.2010

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AHP Leadership Challenge

The Allied Health Professional Leadership Challenges are two day leadership skills development workshops with training simulations. They will empower you to take a leading role in enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery in your region by:

  • developing your leadership skills to improve the effectiveness of services and care
  • empowering you to transform health care and social care delivery
  • expanding your comfort zone and broadening your horizons
  • opening you to future management opportunities
  • demonstrating your skills and potential to senior leaders

Leadership Challenges will be held from late May – July in every SHA region throughout the England. There will be a national final in London to determine the nation’s top team.

Entry is free.


Visit the Website for more details and to register http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Aboutus/Chiefprofessionalofficers/Chiefhealthprofessionsofficer/DH_113872

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