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Misunderstanding regarding paramedic independent prescribing of controlled drugs

Posted: 07.02.2019

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The College of Paramedics is aware of some misunderstanding regarding paramedic independent prescribing of controlled drugs.  The Human Medicines Regulations (2012) were amended in April 2018 to allow paramedic independent prescribing and do contain a statement regarding controlled drugs. However, in order to allow paramedic independent prescribing of controlled drugs in England, Scotland and Wales, the Misuse of Drugs Regulations (2001) must also be amended. The College of Paramedics is working with NHS England on the proposal for this amendment to the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs, the body that advises Home Office Ministers about changes to the regulations.

Until the Misuse of Drugs Regulations are amended, the independent prescribing of controlled drugs by paramedics is not permitted. (please note: Northern Ireland has separate regulations which must also be amended to permit paramedics to independently prescribe controlled drugs in that country).

The college will keep members updated on the progress and will inform members once the necessary legislative amendment has been made.  


David Rovardi MCPara, MRPharmS 
Specialist Medicines Advisor
College of Paramedics 

Dianne Hogg
Programme Lead
Chief Professions Officers’ Medicines Mechanisms Programme
NHS England

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