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Mind have launched their #ourbluexmas - Give time to your team

Posted: 04.12.2017

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Mind have launched their #ourbluexmas - Give time to your team

Working in the emergency services over the festive season can be tough. While other people are relaxing, you might be busier than ever. It's important to take care of your mental health and that of your colleagues at this time of year.

Throughout December mind will share peer support resources, opportunities and tips to help team 999 look after each other, now and all year round. 

Give time to your team - tips from MIND

Could you give a bit of extra time to the wellbeing of you and your emergency services team at this busy time of year? It doesn't have to be long - just two minutes could make all the difference.

Mind put together these tips for giving time during December, with the help of some of their Blue Light Champions:

  • some managers cook breakfast for teams on Christmas Day
  • do a secret santa with others on duty on Christmas Day
  • offer to swap shifts for other cultural holidays in exchange
  • grab a quick hot drink together
  • ask 'how are you finding working at this time of year?' and give time to listen to the answer
  • check in with someone you're worried about - a text, email or phone call count too
  • add festive decorations to your working space together
  • bring in food for you and others to share - if you're heading out, bring food you can give out before the shift starts
  • make a festive playlist together to have on in the background
  • write festive cards to other team members, letting them know what you appreciate about them or their work
  • say thank you to someone that's supported you
  • get some fresh air and go for a quick chat outside
  • eat lunch together on Christmas Day
  • wear silly jumpers or onesies on Christmas Day
  • share a blog on mental health at Christmas with your team - why not take two minutes to see what they thought when they'd read it?

share this page of information and support with your team using the link mind.org.uk/ourbluexmas

Share how you give time to your team on social media using #ourbluexmas. Mind will add any new suggestions to the list.

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