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Invitation for applicants to the positions of National Education Advisers for Scotland and England

Posted: 20.03.2019

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The Board of Trustees of the College of Paramedics invites applications for the positions of National Education Advisers for Scotland and England.  These two voluntary positions will each work closely with the Trustee Official for Education and will be part of the College of Paramedics' Education Advisory Committee (EAC).

The EAC has the overall responsibility of delivering the National Education Programme on behalf of the Board of Trustees. The objectives of the EAC national education programme is to provide a comprehensive career framework and pre and post curriculum guidance for paramedics.  These publications ensure the paramedic workforce is equipped with enhanced knowledge and skills to deliver high quality care across multiple settings and improving outcomes for primary, urgent, emergency, and critical care service users.  The EAC is chaired by the Trustee Official for Education and the National Education Adviser will be expected to attend a minimum of one (1) face to face EAC meeting in any twelve (12) month period. In addition, the National Education Adviser will be expected and/or required to join working sub-groups formed from members of the EAC.

The Trustee Official for Education, a full member of the Board of Trustees and a voluntary position, monitors progress towards educational objectives as set by and on behalf of the Board.  The National Education Adviser will support the Trustee Official for Education by ensuring that local needs and issues are fully represented in the Board’s planning for paramedic education.  They will also assist by providing a presence dedicated to the respective issues of each of the home countries.

The National Education Adviser position will be for a two-year period with the option of extending.  Some travel across the UK will be required.  Applicants should have at least three years experience as a registered paramedic and have experience in a senior position-holder role with responsibilities for paramedic education or related health subjects.  Applicants should also reside and be based in the country for which position they are applying and be a full member of the College of Paramedics.

A role description is available on request to Sue Russel, Business Administrator on sue.russel@collegeofparamedics.co.uk

College of Paramedics

The College of Paramedics is the recognised professional body for paramedics in the United Kingdom. Its purpose is to develop the paramedic profession and represent the views of paramedics and the wider profession in all matters affecting their role, thereby supporting the highest standards of patient care. The College is active in contributing standards for education, clinical practice, and personal conduct. It supports the profession by providing advice to its members and to people considering joining the paramedic profession, the ambulance services and other sectors in which the profession practices.

The College of Paramedics provides a contact point for media enquiries, is active through membership of appropriate committees and advisory groups, develops educational curricula and guidance, and responds to consultation documents.  It is the professional voice of paramedics in the UK in contributing to how changes in health service provision, legislation and clinical practice are shaped and implemented.


Applications should be made in writing including a curriculum vitae and a written submission of not more than 500 words stating an applicant's case demonstrating evidence of how they meet the role descriptor.

Applications should be addressed to the Business Administrator at the College of Paramedics and emailed to sue.russel@collegeofparamedics.co.uk and should be received by no later than 17.00 hours on Friday 26th April 2019.

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