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Intubation Consensus Statement Update & Consultation

Posted: 09.02.2018

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Following analysis of the responses to the Intubation Consensus Statement Consultation in September 2017 it was decided to undertake a Rapid Evidence Review. The findings from this Rapid Evidence Review have been incorporated into the Intubation Consensus Statement and it is now released for a second consultation period to allow wider review of the available evidence and to allow further opportunity to comment. This consultation will run for approximately 28 days and close on the 11th March 2018. At which point the statement will be reviewed again by the working group and prepared for final publication in Spring 2018. The amended draft Intubation Consensus Statement and Rapid Evidence Review are available to download. Should you wish to formally respond and contribute to the final review stage in this process please email consultation@collegeofparamedics.co.uk with your comments. 
Liz Harris, Executive Officer. 

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