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Inspiring the future

Posted: 22.05.2019

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Are you someone that enjoys visiting schools and talking to children about being a paramedic? Or perhaps you would like to try this but don’t know how to get involved? If so, you may want to think about registering with ‘inspiring the future’.

The inspiring the future platform is a secure site that is free and available to every state primary or secondary school or college and every individual or employer wishing to volunteer their time.
Inspiring the Future enables schools to connect with inspirational volunteers from the world of work quickly and easily, revolutionising the way in which young people get insights into exciting and unique careers and inspiring them to be ambitious.

Teachers register their school or college on the platform and give some details about what they want to do in their school. Volunteers register on the platform and select a number of areas of expertise that might be of interest to students, for example, apprenticeships, maths, languages, healthcare or being a paramedic. Then using their online match-making platform, they connect schools and colleges with appropriate volunteers from a range of sectors and professions that match their particular requirements. 

At the heart of it all are volunteers talking about their job, career and their educational route to inspire and motivate young people. For more information visit their website…www.inspiringthefuture.org

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