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Indicative Sanctions (2018)

Posted: 06.08.2018

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The HCPC has updated important decision-making guidance used by their Fitness to Practice (FtP) panels. This is known as their Indicative Sanctions Policy and FtP Panels and legal advisors utilise this guidance in making the most helpful decisions relation to possible sanctions to a registrant after they have come to a finding on the possibility that a registrant has actual impairment of their fitness to practice. Full details are on the HCPC website and the opportunity for all stakeholders to feedback is encouraged until the end of August 2018

Key areas were based on proportionality and what the panel should take into account. In addition, revised policy on what might be considered mitigation and the key differences between insight, remorse and an apology and of course the relationship between those factors, which allows panels to then consider remediation.

An interesting new aspect panels can consider is a registrants career, so a panel can reflect on a new registrants lack of experience, which could be a mitigating factor of course if they have shown insight. This is welcomed by The College of Paramedics and we have responded on behalf of the profession and asked for a little more detail in relation to what is defined as a timely apology. 

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