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Diploma in Primary and Urgent Care – Grandparenting Opportunity

Posted: 07.02.2020

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In 2017 the College of Paramedics took over from South East Coast Ambulance Service the responsibility for running what is now known as the Diploma in Primary and Urgent Care (DipPUC).  Formerly the SECAMB Paramedic Practitioner Exam, the DipPUC provides a robust, authentic and defensible assessment of skills and knowledge in primary and urgent care, as a benchmark of competence in specialist practice.

The College of Paramedics is pleased to announce an opportunity for those who passed the Paramedic Practitioner exam under SECAMB and are still practising in Primary and Urgent Care to apply to be awarded the new Diploma.  To be considered for this ‘grandparenting’ process you must be able to:

  • Provide your original certificate and/or results letter
  • Details of the month, year and venue where you undertook the Paramedic Practitioner OSCE and AKT
  • Evidence to validate any change of name since achieving the Paramedic Practitioner certificate
  • Evidence of current professional registration (e.g. HCPC number)
  • Evidence that you are currently practising in Primary and Urgent Care*
  • Provide your preferred postal address to send your DipPUC certificate, upon validation of the above evidence.

(*Practising may include teaching, managerial or research roles)

NB please note the following:

  • if you only sat one component of the exam (AKT or OSCEs), you will need to provide clear evidence of achievement and successfully complete the other component before you can be awarded the DipPUC.
  • The College does not hold certificates or results letters for those who passed the exam prior to October 2017

There is a fee for this service:  £25 for College of Paramedics members and £50 for non-members.  

Please send requests for certification to Examinations Manager Yvonne Cooze at yvonne.cooze@collegeofparamedics.co.uk 

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