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Digital Paramedic Career Framework 2018 - We need your help!

Posted: 28.06.2018

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Digital Paramedic Career Framework 2018 - We need your help!

One of many work streams that the college is currently undertaking is the updating of the Digital Paramedic Career Framework.
As part of this work we would like to invite full members to assist and become involved by providing details of their current role and the path they have followed to date. We are looking for members in positions from all four pillars of the Paramedic Career Framework (Education, Clinical Practice, Leadership & Management and Research & Development).        

It is really important that we have current and contemporary case studies that reflect the real journeys and true roles** of our members. Submitted case studies will be reviewed and a selection used within the revised 2018 Digital Paramedic Career Framework.

All case studies submitted will be entered into a free draw. The winner will receive two free tickets to the 2019 College of Paramedics National Conference, and the runner up will receive a copy of Decision Making in Paramedic Practice. Case studies must be received by noon on Friday 31st August 2018.

For further information please e-mail: sue.russel@collegeofparamedics.co.uk

* Many paramedics working across the various levels of the four pillars may not have the matching academic qualifications outlined by the College in the Career Framework – We recognise that the profession has developed so quickly, and the educational development of our members has not evolved accordingly. The College accepts this, but we are still keen to hear from you. 
** We are also keen to hear about unusual roles that may not be your primary role.

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