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College of Paramedics Statement - A five-year framework for GP contract reform

Posted: 05.02.2019

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The College of Paramedics welcome the inclusion of Paramedics within the recent publication from NHS England, a publication which acknowledges the important role Paramedics have in providing high quality, compassionate care to patients within primary care settings. This service is provided alongside our General Practitioner and Allied Health Professional (AHP) colleagues.

The publication A five-year framework for GP contract reform to implement The NHS Long Term Plan aims to reform the NHS GP Contract over the next five years. Through a new Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme, Primary Care Networks will be guaranteed funding for up to 20,000 (expected) additional staff by 2023/24, including clinical pharmacists, physician associates, first contact physiotherapists, and paramedics.

An increasing number of Advanced and Specialist Paramedics already provide urgent unscheduled care within the primary care sector as well as working in a ‘rotational paramedic model’ which facilitates paramedics to continue to develop their clinical practice and maintain a stable frontline ambulance workforce. In addition to this, changes to legislation in April 2018 permits suitably experienced and qualified paramedics to practice as independent and supplementary prescribers, a clear indication that the paramedic profession will continue to provide a valuable contribution to the overall care of patients across several settings.

The College of Paramedics is concerned and disappointed with the limited understanding demonstrated within the framework as to the experience, education and core capability which this specialist and advanced workforce bring to their clinical practice. There are clear inconsistencies between the different professional groups listed with regards to the supporting guidance detailed throughout the framework. Additionally, the lack of adoption of the established College of Paramedics Post Registration - Paramedic Career Framework1 risks fragmented implementation and inconsistency in core capability across different regions.

The College of Paramedics remains committed to open and collaborative working between all stakeholder groups in ensuring the highest level of patient care and ensuring comparable recognition of the contribution across the multidisciplinary workforce and hope for further dialogue in the continuing investment into health and social care services.

1.    College of Paramedics (2018) Post Registration – Paramedic Career Framework. 4rd edition. Bridgwater. College of Paramedics

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Gp practice is changing dramatically under the NHS England 10 high impact points cited in the GP foreward view.
Paramedics are making a massive impact towards this change and actually hit 9 of the 10 points mentioned. I love the fact our profession is making such major leaps forward within this area of healthcare.

Added by: John Kirkby on: 07.02.2019

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