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College of Paramedics publishes updated Social Media Guidance

Posted: 07.03.2019

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The use of social media is set to expand. Many people now use social media to interact with each other and to learn about each other. Modern healthcare professionals need to find ways to embrace this technology to connect and help deliver innovative services, whilst upholding their professional, legal and regulatory responsibilities.

"The use of social technology and networking enables people to collaborate, build relationships and share information and resources. ‘e-professionalism’ goes beyond just online communication, and increasingly involves the ability to understand and use social media. This includes the development and management of online personas including online postings and interactions, blogs, images, videos, tweets, and more.

As well as providing many benefits, social media also presents challenges for professionals as it can blur the boundaries between personal and professional life. Websites such as Facebook provide ‘privacy settings’ which allow some control of the visibility of postings. However, social media sites are very rarely closed or secure. Inappropriate use of social media can have drastic consequences for your reputation and could negatively impact on both your professional status and employment prospects.

The purpose of this guidance is to clarify the College of Paramedics’ position on the professional responsibilities of paramedics and student paramedics in relation to social media. It provides advice on how to develop appropriate behaviours in relation to personal and professional use of this technology. It also outlines the personal and professional consequences of inappropriate use of social media.”

Click here to see the guidance. 

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