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College of Paramedics publish 5th edition of the pre-registration Paramedic Curriculum Guidance

Posted: 25.11.2019

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We are proud to announce the latest Curriculum Guidance now in its 5th edition. A bit like a Formula One racing car, it's lighter, slimmer and more effective in getting you off to a flying start with a minimum of tyre degradation whilst still good at overtaking each and every obstacle that learning and life throw at you. Significantly it is free at point of download to members and a welcome addition to any students life-long learning library.  It’s a timely item with the threshold entry level for students on approved pre-registration courses moving to a full degree and with it an ever-expanding paramedic profession both numerically (3k new students a year) and in the influence we have in all aspects of primary and urgent medicine as we integrate with the NHS Long Term Plan.

The dedicated volunteers on the Education Committee are obviously listed in the back of the document and whilst we don’t normally pick out on an individual, I have chosen to give special recognition to Lizi Hickson who set out as Chair of the group and has given tirelessly in the past few years to the benefit of the College and its members, whilst battling a day job, supporting students at University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). You will not find a kinder more upbeat educator whom we are all very grateful for her direction and leadership. We all felt in safe hands. Thanks Lizi.

Click here for the Paramedic Curriculum Guidance web page.

Bob Fellows FCPara, Head of Education, College of Paramedics

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