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Clinical Negligence Scheme

Posted: 02.04.2019

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The following article was included in the recent News Digest emailed to members.  It should be noted that the Scheme is now active.

College of Paramedics members may be aware the “Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice” (CNSGP) came into effect from 1st April 2019 as part of the NHS indemnity arrangements, to deal primarily with clinical negligence claims arising from anyone working in general practice.

Bill Hulse from Graybrook, who provide advantageous rates for College of Paramedics members, has kindly provided the following points members should be aware of, and that may affect your current policy with Graybrook.

Important points to consider before you decide on further actions.

Who is Affected?

  •  Anyone delivering NHS healthcare services including General Medical Services, Personal Medical Services, Alternative Provider Medical Services, Contract Holders
  •  GPs and other healthcare professionals
  •  GP Practice employees, Locums, self‐employed workers and trainees

What is Not Covered?

  •  Non‐NHS or private work (including Good Samaritan Acts?
  •  Potentially corporate organisations (yet to be confirmed
  •  Claims relating to work undertaken prior to 1st April 2019.

What to do Next?

Anyone affected by these new indemnity arrangements should:

  •  Check that the CNSGP Indemnity applies to you from 1st April 2019
  •  Maintain or purchase separate cover for areas not covered by the new arrangements
  •  Continue with existing policies to deal with claims arising from work undertaken prior to 1st April 2019 (Run‐off cover).
  •  Notify your existing insurer to amend the terms of your existing policy if necessary.

Any queries relating to new or existing policies should be sent to enquiry@graybrook.co.uk.

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