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Can AHPs transform adult mental health? – have your say

Posted: 10.10.2018

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You are invited to a national debate for all allied health professionals where we seek to unveil and understand what are:

  • the most innovative existing AHP workforce practices that, if scaled, could have a dramatic impact upon adult mental health today, and 
  • the AHP workforce innovations that should be explored more for their likeliness to have a transformative impact in the future. 

For 21 days from #WorldMentalHealthDay on the 10th October, you can visit https://ahpsdebate.clevertogether.com/welcome-to-ahps-debate at any time to share your views, experiences and to read and rate the contributions of others. The online workshop is 100% safe, in that your name is not publicly attached to what you share. So ideas will be judged on their merits not their authors and individuals can feel free to challenge ideas they don’t agree with. The ideas and evidence shared will be aggregated and analysed to reveal priorities and recommendations for Health Education England’s (HEE) consideration. This means your voice will directly impact the activities of one of our nation’s biggest healthcare bodies. This truly is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of AHP involvement and innovation in mental health, do get involved and spread the word to others who you think could add value to the #AHPsDebate.   

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