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Call for nominations for the Fellowship, Honorary Fellowship and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Posted: 17.06.2019

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The College is looking to its members to nominate the paramedics, or other colleagues, they know, who have made an outstanding contribution to the achievement of the College of Paramedics objectives, growth and development, the improving of paramedic professional practice and/or the development of paramedic education.

The Honours and Awards Committee Award Nominations Guidance document (downloadable here) gives clear guidance as to the full requirements to be considered for these awards and should be read before nominating.

A nomination submission form, also available on the College website, must be completed by two full members of the College of Paramedics and submitted along with a copy of the nominee’s current Curriculum Vitae. Each nomination should be considered confidential and not be shared with those not involved with the process, including the nominee. Nominations must be submitted on the appropriate Nominations Form and sent via email to awards@collegeofparamedics.co.uk by 27th August 2019

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