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BBC One series, One Day That Changed My Life is looking for paramedics

Posted: 30.10.2018

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The hit BBC One series, One Day That Changed My Life is back for a second series and looking for a paramedic who is launching themselves into a new life. 

The series follows people as they receive life-changing results. It shows the heart-warming moments as someone gets a medical all-clear, the results of a job interview, or as they win a competition that changes their business outlook forever. Each story is centred around those critical yes-or-no moments familiar to us all.

The last series featured many amazing individuals who were going through very different events in their life. It included a lady with multiple sclerosis looking to get a canine companion, a couple looking to foster children, a talented young canoeist looking to get onto the GB Olympics team and many more. The BBC aim to include a real mixture of stories within the series, big or small - anything which is life changing, they want to hear about it! 

For the next season, the producers are looking for a paramedic who is soon to experience such a life-changing moment. They might be applying for their first ever paramedic job, or hoping to start an exciting new chapter in their career - perhaps working with the army or lifeboat service. They would be able to explain their enthusiasm for this life-changing new direction, talk through some of the challenges involved, and show how they plan to overcome them. Above all, this new chapter would represent a life-changing experience for them. 
The series generally films with people for around 3 days, finding out about them and their circumstances, looking at the challenges and preparation involved in achieving their dream, and capturing the moment they find out if they have been successful or not. 

You can find out more about the last series on the BBC website at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bjcl4t 

If you’re planning this kind of a life-change, please contact the production team on 0203 761 4659, or by email at: oneday@flickerproductions.tv.

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