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Anti-Bullying Resources and CPD

Posted: 28.02.2019

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The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has produced a useful anti-bullying resource which has so far been ratified by the British Association of Prosthetists & Orthotists and the College of Podiatry. Other medical and non-medical bodies/AHPs, including the College of Paramedics, are reviewing this resource. There is both online training e-learning and good links/references and information available: https://www.rcsed.ac.uk/professional-support-development-resources/anti-bullying-and-undermining-campaign   

A colleague from the British Association of Prosthetists & Orthotists has reviewed it: 
"The training offers current facts regarding the law and legislation, guides you though how bullying can lead to team and individual disruption and how this can then reflect on patient care. The resources of 'are you a bully?', self-reflection and directions on changing culture, negotiation and conflict resolution are well presented and give a good reference guide for anyone who may be feeling undermined or overwhelmed to follow informal processes before making things formal and confrontational."

There is some excellent CPD on this important topic on the College of Paramedics CPD Hub, notably Professor Duncan Lewis speaking at last year’s National Conference on Bullying and Harassment in the NHS: No ifs, ands or Buts About it!  Duncan later took part in a panel discussion on the topic which is also available on the CPD Hub:  Facing up to Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment in the Paramedic Workplace - Panel Discussion.  See https://collegeofparamedics.co.uk/member-services/cpd-hub for further details and don’t forget to download the reflective template which you can use in your portfolio.

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