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Ambulance Response Programme – Next Steps

Posted: 23.02.2017

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The Ambulance Response Programme (ARP) is now at the end of its testing phase with early indications that ambulance services operating under the trial conditions are better able to deal with the increased demand that is being experienced currently. 

The pilot of Dispatch on Disposition and Nature of Call has embedded well into all ambulance services and, most importantly, no associated safety issues or incidents have been reported.

As a result, it has been recommended that ambulance services continue to operate under ARP conditions until a decision is made on full implementation. This formal recommendation has been sent to Ambulance Services’ Chairs, CEOs and to NHS England Regional Operations Directors.

The Sheffield School of Health and Related Research (ScHaRR) is currently undertaking its final analysis and is preparing the full evaluation report ready for review at the beginning of March 2017.

Once the report has been reviewed by NHS England, the Department of Health and key stakeholders we anticipate making recommendations for national implementation in the Spring.

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