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Age UK wants to hear from paramedics

Posted: 09.08.2018

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Age UK is writing a report exploring how well the system is able to support older people to live well at home, and we are keen to hear about the experiences of paramedics. In what circumstances have you found older people when you have been called out to their homes? Have you found them to be receiving the care and support they need? How easy has it been for you to get in touch with the services or professionals you need in order to help them appropriately? Do you feel that some parts of the system aren’t working, or that you are having to plug gaps in order to make sure they are supported properly? Do you have experience of systems that are working well to support older people to live well at home, or feel that you know what is missing? If you have views on any of the above and are happy to share your story with us, please get in touch. You can remain anonymous if you wish.    If you have a story to share, please contact Dr Louisa Petchey, Health and Social Care Policy Manager at Louisa.Petchey@ageuk.org.uk by Friday 17 August.

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