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Welcome to the College of Paramedics Podcast - a podcast for everyone involved or interested in Paramedicine, brought to you by the College of Paramedics. The episodes will bring you information and insights from the profession, including clinical practice, current trends and updates from the College itself.



Episode 4: Pelvic Trauma

Posted: 15.03.2017

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Unable to get to CPD events? Always on shift when talks are organised? This 10 questions podcast is a quick and easy session that can be experienced whilst on the go. In this #ParaPod HEMS Paramedic James Stubley discusses Pelvic Trauma.

Episode 3 - Stroke Research Update

Posted: 12.01.2017

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This episode reports from the UK Stroke Forum and discusses the issues relevant to prehospital care. New stroke treatments may be on the horizon and paramedics have a part to play in delivering them. Mechanical clot removal for stroke, ultrasound for stroke and interesting things you may be able to do with a blood pressure cuff are all discussed.

Episode 2 - New College of Paramedics podcast and results of paramedic airway survey

Posted: 29.11.2016

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An introduction from Graham and a discussion on the airway survey which is being published in the next BPJ.

Episode 1 - The College introduces itself

Posted: 07.08.2015

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