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Why should someone consider a career as a paramedic?

Being a Paramedic is a highly rewarding job. The traditional role of working in an ambulance service as a Paramedic can at times, be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding, and the shift patterns interfering with family commitments and interrupting social relationships can be difficult to manage. But job satisfaction is high, paramedics give life, deal with death and everything in between. Paramedics employed in the out-of-hospital setting deal with people at some of the most vulnerable times of their lives and with this comes the ability to make a difference, to do something that matters, to help someone in their time of greatest need. The paramedic role is evolving, emerging and becoming effective and valuable in a range of healthcare settings. The College of Paramedics Digital Paramedic Career Framework highlights case studies and the many diverse roles that paramedics now work in, including commissioning, public health, primary, urgent and emergency care, and a range of hospital settings.