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Why is it important to have a degree?

Paramedic Science degrees cover a broad curriculum including cognitive, theoretical and practical learning, including the acquisition of skills such as team working, problem-solving, reflective practice, the use of information and communications technology, applying research, and critical reasoning. The scope of practice for paramedics is; an autonomous practitioner who has the knowledge, skills and clinical expertise to assess, treat, diagnose, supply and administer medicines, manage, discharge and refer patients in a range of urgent, emergency, critical or out-of-hospital settings. Following the HCPC decision to change SET 1 on the threshold level for paramedic entry to the Register to, ‘Bachelor degree with honours for: … paramedics’, the paramedic profession is moving towards an all-graduate profession to ensure the profession is educated and equipped to fulfil its full potential within the healthcare system. As the paramedic profession matures, graduates are instrumental in the on-going development of a specific knowledge base in the care of patients in the pre and out-of-hospital arena and the further development of the profession to meet future challenges of healthcare delivery.