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Special 1 Day Whitbread ECG Bootcamp

Whitbread's ECG Bootcamp

Mark Whitbread's Special 1 day ECG bootcamp is a unique, highly interactive one day course the day will cover Systematic Approach to the 12 Lead ECG, in depth review of ACS and Bundle Branch block.

The Boot Camp is ideally suited to EMS/Ambulance clinicians including Paramedics and 1st to 3rd Year University students.

The one day course is structured to be both interactive and theoretical.

To book your space email: info@whitbreadsecgbootcamp.com


Members: £103.50
Non Members: £115


Start Date: 4th December 2019
Finish Date: 4th December 2019
Website: https://www.whitbreadsecgbootcamp.com/courses.html