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Pre-hospital Trauma Care Workshop

World Extreme Medicine

General Overview

The Pre-hospital Trauma Workshop (PHTW) course aims to build participants knowledge and skills to manage the broad range and combinations of clinical presentations we are exposed to in the pre-hospital setting, giving a systematic and safe framework for use in the assessment and care of the critically unwell patient. This will be achieved using discussion lecture format, and practical simulation exercises to reinforce and practice the skills learned, resulting in smooth and logical interventions for our patients.

The learning from the course will be consolidated with simulation exercises allowing the candidate to demonstrate their leadership, communication, triage, resource management and application of clinical skills.

PHTW Course Content and Aims

Teaching the principles of risk assessment, safety, communications and teamwork.
Teaching sequential assessment and intervention in a stepwise process.
Assessment, recognition and minimizing secondary injuries of major trauma.
Promoting strong primary and secondary survey assessment skills with timely interventions
Lectures in principles of trauma care, chest trauma, head injuries and traumatic cardiac arrest.
Workshops that cover the fundamentals of airway, breathing, circulation, pre-hospital diagnostics, packaging principles and haemorrhage control.
Consolidation of learning through practical simulation exercises
Exposure to, and knowledge of the potential challenges faced when managing pre-hospital trauma including leadership and effective crew resource management.

Pre-hospital Workshop Outline

The course comprises specific modules aiming to deliver interactive discussion. The course combines lecture, workshops and simulation exercises (moulages) to engage participants in injury patterns they may face responding to pre-hospital incidents. Participants will gain an understanding of the multi-facetted approach to managing such incidents both in the pre-hospital and translating this to the hospital environment and the challenges often met.

Day 1
The principles of effective trauma care
Primary Survey and secondary survey assessment skills
Assessment and management of Traumatic Cardiac Arrest (TCA) key concepts of treatment when initiating effective patient care.
IO access and haemorrhage control
Multiple trauma scenarios.

Day 2
Head injury and chest injury (assessment and management of trauma related injuries).
Workshops in haemorrhage control, helmet removal/log roll/collar application and pre hospital diagnostics (Including ultrasound)
Variety of high fidelity trauma simulation.

Accreditation will be offered through the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. We estimate 12 hours of CPD will be awarded for the complete course.

Members of the College of Paramedics are entitled to a discount of 5% using code WEMtrCoP

PLEASE NOTE: This is an external event organised by World Extreme Medicine. The College of Paramedics is not responsible for the content or quality of the course. Attendance is at the discretion of the organisers and not the College of Paramedics. To find out more information or if you have any questions please contact the organisers directly.


Members: £517.75
Non Members: £545


Start Date: 12th October 2019
Finish Date: 13th October 2019
Website: https://worldextrememedicine.com/products/courses/trauma-hostile/pre-hospital-trauma-care-workshop-manchester/