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Lessons learnt from recent terror attacks

Royal Society of Medicine

The response of the emergency services to the London and Manchester terror attacks: lessons to be learned

The recent terror attacks in Manchester and London resulted in a tsunami of severe casualties that were distributed to a number of accident and emergency departments in those two major cities. The way in which the individuals involved were transported, received and dealt with by the emergency services and medical teams has been widely praised, but there are still undoubtedly important lessons to be learned; particularly as this sadly may not be the last in a series of terrorist incidents.

This specially convened meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine is being addressed by some of the doctors who were involved first hand in caring for many of the casualties, both in Manchester and in London. The meeting will culminate in a panel discussion focusing on the lessons to be learned from these appalling major incidents which can be applied if and when further attacks occur.

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Start Date: 7th September
Finish Date: 7th September
Website: http://bit.ly/2taqkyI