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Acute Care (Intubation) Special Interest Group

College of Paramedics - Acute Care (Intubation) Special Interest Group Members

The purpose of the group is to develop and promote excellence and innovation in pre hospital airway management and to inspire others through leadership and example. This will be achieved in the following ways:
a)    To develop a consensus statement about the role of Endotracheal Tracheal Intubation in contemporary paramedic practice by considering the value and validity of the intervention. 

b)    Explore innovation and practice on both a national and international level and develop the statement considering the best available evidence and expert external opinion where necessary.  This statement will have considered the whole spectrum of airway management.
c) Describe the required standards of education and training to ensure that paramedics are trained to the appropriate standards necessary to perform their clinical roles so that decisions, interventions and clinical care is provided at the high standards that the college aims to achieve.

 Will Lee (Chair)  Alternate Council Member (Great Western) College of Paramedics
 Kris Lethbridge  Council Member (South West) College of Paramedics
 Paul Younger  Vice-Chair, College of Paramedics
 Andy Swinburn   Consultant Paramedic, East Midlands Ambulance Service
 Tom Allinson  
 Dave Roberts  Council Member (East Midlands) College of Paramedics
 Martin Berry  Executive Officer, College of Paramedics
 Graham McClelland  Alternate Council Member (North East) College of Paramedics
 Matt House  Advanced Paramedic, North West Ambulance Service
 Graham Harris  Director of Professional Standards, College of Paramedics
 Dan Haworth  Council Member (North East) College of Paramedics
 Timothy Edwards