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Graham Clark Photo

Graham Clark

Place of Work East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust
College Area: East of England

I joined the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust as a Student Paramedic in January 2010 after a number of years in the private sector. Working in the private sector carrying out patient transport and medical cover at events proved to be a valuable experience and provided me with skills I continue to apply on a day to day basis.

 I now work as a Senior Paramedic in East of England following a move in August 2013. I continue to aspire towards continued career progression and am now looking for appropriate courses to improve my education to fall in line with the College of Paramedics career structure.

 In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, gardening and spending quality time with my family.   

What is your one most important benefit of being a member and why?

Access to nationwide professional development.

What led you to become a College council representative? 

To work towards strengthening the presence of the College of Paramedics in the East of England region and improving the member benefits at regional and national level.

How would you like to see the College develop over the next five years?

I would like to see the College become a provider of career progression CPD with workshops, short courses and free e-learning access to all members.

How do you think the paramedic workforce has adapted to professional status and what yet needs to be done to support paramedics?

As a result of professional status the role of the Paramedic has sprung forward into the forefront of primary care in the NHS. Registered professionals hold more accountability for their actions and therefore many Paramedics now work towards ‘evidence based practice’ rather than dated protocols and ‘what we have always done’ is questioned using new knowledge and understanding.

I strongly believe in order to develop further we need to simplify career structure across the profession. I would love to see a standardised career development adopted by every NHS Trust whereby job descriptions and clinical grades are transparent and streamlined.

Similar structures and standardisation is also needed for NHS management to improve interoperability when two services or agencies meet on high profile incidents.

Finally I think there is a long way to go yet before other health care professionals and providers no longer see Paramedics as a means of transporting their patients from a to b. The College is working very hard to develop our profession which will no doubt open many different doors to registered Paramedics.