Temporary Registered Student Paramedic and NQP Support Resource

A new student support resource aimed at temporary registered students and NQPs.


Today we have launched our student support resource. It is primarily aimed at temporary registered students and NQPs, although all students can benefit from its evolving content. This support website has been created in a very short period of time in collaboration with University educators, Ambulance Service colleagues and other passionate and enthusiastic friends around the UK. The main bulk of the content is provided by peers to ensure newly registered paramedics are as well prepared as possible to begin clinical practice today, in the context of Covid-19 and in the future as permanent HCPC registrants. It is envisaged that the site will grow and improve with time, contact details for any questions or further suggestions for content are provided on the website. A huge thank you to all the contributors involved and we hope that you enjoy exploring the new site and continuing your learning journey.   Click here to visit.