Social Media Guidance - Reminder

An important reminder of the impact of social media.



The current pandemic has been a tough time in which to work on the frontline, and this is recognised by many. Paramedics are successfully using a variety of different coping strategies, but it’s important to remember the wider impact and potential consequences of what you say or do publicly, particularly when using social media. The College of Paramedics Social Media Guidance contains lots of helpful information and advice, as does the guidance on the use of social media by The HCPC.  Additional areas to consider when posting at this time are, appropriateness in the current pandemic and lockdown period, adherence to social distancing rules, and any perceived inappropriate use of PPE. We have regrettably received a number of unfavourable comments about all of these recently and wish to remind our colleagues who use social media of the guidance that is available to help. Our guidance is available here.