International Day of People with Disabilities



For the International Day of People with Disabilities, on December 3, 2021, the annual celebration of people with disabilities, James Bridge, lead of the Disability strand of the College Diversity Steering Group, instigated the recording of a ‘Leader to Leader’ conversation on disability. 

James invited Dawn Poulson, Co-Chair of the National Ambulance Disability Network to talk to Rory O’Connor, Chair of our Paramedic Council, and James, to discuss disability and why it's important to have these conversations, both between and within organisation. Please take some time to listen to Dawn, Rory and James talk about the importance the national ambulance disability staff network, why a cultural change is vital, and the need to meaningfully address the many negative experiences of disabled employees.

Here’s to many more of these conversations and further opportunities to highlight the work of people with disabilities contributing to cultural change that will make improvements in the working lives of all their colleagues. 

The #PurpleLightUp ‘Leader to Leader Conversations’ is PurpleSpace’s theme for this year’s International Day of People with Disabilities as a platform to celebrate the economic contribution of employees with disabilities and shine a light on the work of those who are making the most extraordinary contribution to cultural change: the disability employee/member network leaders.

PurpleSpace is the world’s only networking and professional development hub for disabled employees, network and resource group leaders and allies from all sectors and trades. 
While #PurpleLightUp is a global movement lead by PurpleSpace, that celebrates and draws attention to the economic contribution of the 386 million disabled employees around the world.