Have Your Say - Time To Vote!


The rescheduled Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be held at 12:30 on the 8th June 2021, at which we will formally present the present the Memorandum and Articles of Association to the membership. This follows two successful member engagement sessions held on the 26th May, where we presented information about the governance restructure, and members were given another chance to ask questions. These sessions will be made available on the CPD Hub and provide more information, so you can make your decision when voting. To read more about the restructure click here.

Member approval of the governing document, the Memorandum and Articles of Association is an important and vital step in our governance restructure, that will allow it to be implemented in its entirety and complete the process from a legal perspective. 
This is your opportunity to be part of the decision-making process to shape the future of your professional body so please look for the email from Civica Election Services (CES), cast your vote and have your say.

Voting will open again tomorrow
For members that voted during April, on the Memorandum and Articles of Association, your vote will stand as legal and valid, however you will be given the opportunity to change your vote, should you wish to.

If you did not vote previously, you have another chance to do so, so look out for your email from CES whether you voted previously or not.

Voting will close at our EGM on the 8th June, and a membership vote of approval will put us in the position to implement our new governance processes following the AGM in September. To attend our EGM, book your place here.

All full members will receive an email from Civica Election Services (CES) on the 26th May. If you have not voted already your email will contain a link to follow in order to vote, whether or not you can attend the EGM. If you have already voted, your email will invite you to contact CES if you want to change your vote.

If you cannot find the email you should:
•            Search your inbox for an email from 
takepart@cesvotes.com with subject: College of Paramedics - EGM 2021.                 
•            Check your junk/spam folder.
•            Ensure that we have the correct contact details for you by checking your profile at Member Hub, while logged in.

If you believe you need your email reissued you can: 
•            Email 
support@cesvotes.com to request a reissue, being sure to mention it’s for the College of Paramedics EGM 2021.
•            Request an automatic reissue via 
https://secure.cesvotes.com/V3-0-0/contact/forgotcodes.aspx?JMSJobno=m1724_1 For this process, you will need to enter the email address that we have registered to you in our database.

If you are still unable to find an email and believe that you should have received one, please contact