Faculty of Clinical Informatics Recruitment


Building the multi-disciplinary profession of clinical informatics and promoting difference and diversity in digital health.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics is now accepting applications for new Members and Fellows

The Faculty is working to develop the profession of clinical informatics, building on the Core Competency Framework, and working as part of the Federation of Informatics Professionals (FedIP) to ensure an inclusive and comprehensive approach.  Now is a great time to join the Faculty and help to shape the future of the profession.

Throughout my Topol Fellowship at Health Education England, I consistently found myself directed to either members of the Faculty or resources to guide my future development as an informatician in practice. I found that at each time, the FCI provided the best source of valid and up to date information, as well as experts to guide my path. I joined the Faculty to offer the same invaluable assistance to others who are trying to use clinical informatics to optimise patient care, and to continue to develop my knowledge and skills in the future.”  - Christopher Tack -

The FCI is a multi-disciplinary professional body for all health and social care qualified individuals working as informaticians across the UK. We support members in their informatics roles at all levels and their career development, which our members find to be invaluable, alongside the many other benefits.

The deadline for applications for Members and Fellows is midnight on 12 September 2021. Applications for Associate are accepted at all times.
Find out more about how using the link: How to Apply | Faculty Of Clinical Informatics