College of Paramedics' Student Council for 2021 Announced



As you will hopefully be aware, the College of Paramedics has held elections to the very first Student Council, due to start on the 1st of January. Approximately 80% of all student paramedics within the UK are members of the College of Paramedics, and with this new national council the voice of these members will be strongly represented across all sectors of the profession. The role of the council can essentially be distilled into three distinct aims;

- To advise and be consulted upon in College policy and activity that will involve students
- Advance student and education practise in relation to paramedicine development
- Liase with students across all four nations to close the feedback loop

We had several excellent applicants and would like to extend our thanks to each and every candidate who ran in these very first student council elections. Voting was held in most of the regions, and as of today we are delighted to announce that the following people will be representing Student Paramedics across the College’s region. It is worth noting that we did not have any candidates from the Northern Ireland student population, however we will be working hard to ensure that students within Northern Ireland are justly represented as equals with all other students within the UK.

We look forward to starting work in early 2021.

Ben Vickars
Chair of the Student Paramedic Council / National Student Paramedic Representative