College of Paramedics Endorsements 2021–2022


College of Paramedics Endorsements 2021 – 2022  

The College of Paramedics Education Visitors have, like everyone during the pandemic to date, had to change their methodology of conducting ‘Endorsement Visits’ of universities and education providers pre-registration paramedic programmes. 

During the previous ten months of 2021, College Education Visitors have conducted five ‘Endorsements’ using Online Microsoft Teams or Zoom platforms with the host university and in some instances with the regulatory body when these have been joint Endorsement/Approval visits.

The College of Paramedics undertakes visits and provides education providers ‘Endorsement’ of its pre-registration programmes that meets its Paramedic Curriculum Guidance, however, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a regulatory body ‘Approves’ programmes of education that meets both their Standards of Education (SETs) and respective Standards of Proficiency – Paramedics (SOPs) for new pre-registration programmes of paramedic education.

Of the five endorsement visits conducted three were for new universities delivering pre-registration paramedic programmes, one being an MSc programme, and the others were BSc (Hons) programmes. This brings the number of ‘Endorsed’ University programmes to fifteen, which both existing, and prospective future members and paramedics can ascertain from the College website.

The College Endorsement Team and Education Visitors already have another four further ‘Endorsement Visits’ booked in 2022, and another eleven universities have advised the College that they want to submit an application for their programme to be ‘Endorsed’ during 2022. The College of Paramedics and its Endorsement Team and Education Visitors looks forward to receiving further comments being received from universities who achieve College ‘Endorsement’. 

“This is fantastic news! Thanks for your valuable input throughout the whole process and for getting our endorsement in place so swiftly”.

“Thank you for all your and the College of Paramedics support through this process. It has been truly appreciated as well as knowing that your support has allowed us to develop an even higher level of course design”.

“This is excellent news, I’m delighted.  Thank you”.

“We are really pleased to have sought and gained endorsement from the College”.

“We are delighted to have achieved this and thank you for your teams support and patience through this process”.

We look forward to undertaking these visits and updating our members in the summer of ongoing progress of the College of Paramedics work in developing and delivering ‘Endorsement’ of our Paramedic Curriculum Guidance for the Paramedic profession.

Graham Harris FCPara
Education Visitor
College of Paramedics