The College of Paramedics Welcomes Three New Student Member Representatives to the Student Council


The College of Paramedics Welcomes Three New Student Member Representatives to the Student Council

Today, the College of Paramedics is pleased to announce that three new student member representatives have joined the Student Council. They are:

Matthew Johnston - Northern Ireland

Gavin Keymer - Scotland

Peter Turner-Wells - London

Each representative put themselves forward for the role and was nominated by a fellow student member. As the Scotland and Northern Ireland positions both had more than one candidate standing, they went to an election and the representatives were voted in by student members of that region. The Student Council is made up of 12 student member representatives, representing 12 geographical areas. 
On hearing that he will now be representing student members in Scotland, Gavin said he was looking forward to working with the other representatives on the Student Council. 

“I promise to work extremely hard to ensure that the voices of Scottish student paramedics are heard and to make a positive change for the future,” he said. “We are in a very lucky position in our careers with so many new and exciting routes becoming available to paramedics, and I hope that, as the student representative, I will be able to support and encourage the student body so that we become the best possible paramedics of the future.”

As the new member representative for Northern Ireland, Matthew is confident that his experience on his school council and other early leadership opportunities will help him in his new role.     

He said: “As we are at the start of our journey in Northern Ireland from organisational training regimes to degree accredited paramedic education, it is imperative that the next generation of paramedics are supported throughout this journey and have a strong voice. I intend to develop strong relationships with fellow student members and the College as a whole, ask questions and learn lessons from others who have done this before. Ensuring that the future paramedics of Northern Ireland have a strong working relationship with the College will be vital in the battle for educational and financial parity with other regions represented by the College, giving Northern Ireland the same opportunities as every other district in the UK.” 

Peter, who is the new member representative for London, is equally excited to get started. He said: “I am thrilled to be part of the College of Paramedics and to be working with other member representatives on the Student Council. I will be an advocate for everybody having a voice and an opportunity to fulfil their own professional and personal potential. We can all strive to build a stronger professional body and the London region has much to contribute with its unique diversity levels. I believe actions speak louder than words and promise that your voice and opinion will be heard on how best to develop the student and College relationship because we are the future of the profession afterall.”