The College of Paramedics Welcomes Four New Member Representatives to the Paramedic Council


Today, the College of Paramedics would like to give a warm welcome to the following four member representatives who have joined the Paramedic Council. They are:

Daniel Irvine – Scotland

Adrian McGrath – Northern Ireland

Paul Thomson-Elliott – North East

Gema Mee – West Midlands

Each representative put themselves forward for the role and was nominated by four members from their region. As the Scotland and Northern Ireland positions both had more than one candidate standing, they went to an election and the representatives were voted in by members of that region.

The Paramedic Council is made up of 14 member representatives, representing 12 geographical areas as well as military and overseas members and student members. The geographical regions are well recognised nationally and are mirrored in the College of Paramedics Student Council structure.

As the new member representative for Scotland, Daniel Irvine is confident that his three-year experience as a college liaison will help him in his new role.

He said: “I believe I understand the diverse and varied College membership of Scotland, and I’m keen to advocate for the interests of these members. My aim is to build trust in the College by firstly creating more open communication channels where members are updated regularly and have a chance to engage. I believe we often lose out on a lot of College benefits, particularly bespoke CPD events, and would like to see this change. Paramedics in Scotland have never needed their professional body more and it’s vital that we stand up for our membership, something I intend to do whole-heartedly.”

On hearing that he will now be representing members in Northern Ireland, Adrian McGrath said: “I’d like to thank my colleagues in Northern Ireland for nominating me to the College. I also want to thank Cailean Campbell for putting himself forward for the role, and look forward to working with him and others as we develop opportunities and CPD representatives in the near future.” 

Adrian added: “It’s an honour to represent you all and be the voice of Northern Ireland on the CoP Council. As I embrace this new venture I look forward to working with Chair Rory O’Connor and the other members of the Council. There’s no doubt that change is upon us, albeit slow in these difficult times. But there is a progressional hunger here in N.I. to develop our career and professional pathways. Meeting our stakeholders and innovative voices must be the key to those new opportunities ahead of us. I’ll endeavour to strive for that.”

Likewise, Paul, who is the new member representative for the North East, can’t wait to get started. He said: “It is a real privilege to be able to represent the North East region on a local and national level within the College of Paramedics. It is not only an exciting time for the development of the paramedic profession but also the growth and development of the College itself. I am always happy to talk if you have any ideas for our region, so please get in touch. My email is”

For Gema Mee, who takes over the West Midlands role, the change she is keen to make is to push the profession forwards so that paramedics have more opportunities in a wider, clinical setting, including primary and secondary services, community care, event and private medical care, as well as greater access to additional training and dual or enhanced registrations. She is also passionate about increasing the BAME representation in the paramedic profession.

She said: “I feel it is important to try to increase the BAME representation within our profession, especially in areas where there is a high BAME population, and it is important for patients to see in clinicians themselves and believe they are represented.”