The College of Paramedics Announces its New Chair of Council 


The College of Paramedics has great pleasure in announcing that Rory O’Connor has been elected to the position of Chair of the Paramedic Council.

Rory has held the post, on an interim basis, since he was elected in October 2020.

He said: “I am delighted to have been elected as the inaugural Chair of Council for the College of Paramedics. The Paramedic Council aims to bring the views of the membership to the very heart of everything we do for our profession here in the UK.

“We have started on the journey of reforming our governance and structures, and I am pleased to be able to continue that work, and build upon it.

“I strongly believe that through increased engagement with our members we have the ability to represent you better in all areas of the work we are doing and deliver on the issues that are most important to you.

“As the Chair of the Paramedic Council, I want the College and our profession to be more inclusive, representative and reflective of our members and will aim throughout my tenure to continually improve this.”

Rory currently works in primary care as an Advanced Paramedic and has been the Representative Trustee for Northern Ireland for for three years. He has built up a strong political footing for the College of Paramedics in Northern Ireland and brought a strong and articulate voice to the existing Board.

The Chair of the Paramedic Council is responsible for the effective and efficient functioning of the Council. As a member of the Board of Trustees, the Chair represents the Council and membership within the Board. Other duties include:

Promoting an active and visible response within the organisation to current and changing health care in the UK and abroad.

Ensuring that each and every council member has the opportunity to articulate, and advocate for, the College member perspective.

Making certain that the Council plays an instrumental part in guaranteeing strategy is developed and delivered with the membership interests at its core.

Encouraging high levels of regional engagement with members.

Tracy Nicholls, CEO of the College of Paramedics said: “Rory has shown himself to be an excellent interim Chair of the Paramedic Council and I have no doubt he will continue to shine in the role now that he has been elected for the 3 year term.

“His passion, integrity and determination to do the very best for our members is second to none. With his leadership skills and desire to make our profession more inclusive, diverse and representative I’m certain Rory will help the Council go from strength to strength. We all wish him well in his new role.”